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Rebekah Warren

State Senator


Donna Lasinski

State Representative


Ronnie Peterson

State Representative

Yousef Rabhi

State Representative


Jerry Clayton

Washtenaw County Sheriff

Larry Kestenbaum

Washtenaw County Clerk/Register of Deeds


Evan Pratt

Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner

Felicia Brabec

Washtenaw  County Commissioner

Andy LaBarre

Washtenaw County Commissioner

Jason Morgan

Washtenaw  County Commissioner

Chip Smith

Ann Arbor City Council Member

Chuck Warpehoski

Ann Arbor City Council Member

Mandy Grewal

Pittsfield Township Supervisor


Founder, THRIVE Collaborative Regenerative Placemaking & Development

Conan is one of those rare public officials who has both a clarity of vision and the experience to overcome institutional bureaucracies to implement big ideas.


He is creative and curious.  These tools give him the ability to propose bold initiatives to tackle the most urgent challenges of our time like climate change and affordable housing.  


When it comes to environmental policy, Conan listens, learns and acts.  We need him by our side in the fight for climate action, clean water, and progressive transportation.    


Conan's Mother, Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner

People say my son, Conan, didn’t fall far from the tree. I will tell you he didn’t fall at all. He slid down the tree directly onto roots that run deep in social justice and public service.


His grandparents, Albert and Emma Wheeler, were great warriors for civil rights in Washtenaw and Michigan. Great Aunts, Modjeska and Rebecca Monteith, battled Jim Crow segregation in the south. His aunts, Mary McDade and Nancy Wheeler, crafted equity and liberty decision through their law careers and from their respective judicial benches. I championed social justice policies from keeping kids in school to letting juvenile lifers have a chance at freedom. 

Conan learned from living examples, men and women who exercised restraint only as a strategy in the fight for justice, equality and dignity. He is stubborn for people’s rights, creative in developing opportunities for empowerment and steadfast in the demand for equity.


He has represented us with integrity and fierce concern for our community’s social fabric. He deserves our vote again because we deserve creative, compassionate and principled public servants. He’s my son. I expect no less than that he delivers.


Environmental Activist

I had the privilege of working with Conan Smith at the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office, a dynamic intergovernmental collaborative that established a model for creating a more sustainable southeast Michigan region through municipal collaboration on clean energy policies and practices.


Conan has a keen eye for seeing and acting upon opportunities for bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders in the clean energy arena. His pragmatic approach to addressing the needs of diverse groups of stakeholders endows the initiatives that engender his support with assured success.


Conan's commitment to bringing all stakeholders to the table in an equitable manner and his value of all voices being represented in the dialog creates an ethos of inclusiveness and a spirit of working together that is a breath of fresh air for the environmental movement.


If others shared his pragmatic approach to bringing all invested parties to the table to identify innovative solutions that cannot be solved by any one party alone, the environmental movement would be much further along.

In the 24 years that Conan and I have known each other and worked together, one thing about him never changes: he wants everyone to feel included. He listens to every voice, making sure even those who sometimes get ignored are heard.


State Senator

For more than a decade I've worked alongside Conan to improve Washtenaw County's social safety net. He's a strong strategic thinker who’s passion for this community shows through in his amazing accomplishments.


As the most senior member of the Board currently serving, Conan’s deep knowledge of how county government works continues to be an asset to our community. But most importantly, Conan always leads with his heart, looking out for our most vulnerable. That's what makes him a great county commissioner.


State Representative

Conan is a lifelong member of the Washtenaw County community, and his work reflects that. The effort he puts forth to improve public health, economic development, and parks and recreation has been invaluable. He’s accessible, and open to new ideas that make our community a better place for all.

For decades he’s worked to make Washtenaw County the best it can be, and he will continue to do so long into the future. Conan’s an important leader in our community, and he’s got my vote.


Ann Arbor teacher, Founding member of the Ann Arbor Skatepark


Communications Officer, Michigan Health Endowment Fund*

*organization listed for identification purposes only 

I worked with Conan for six years and in that time I learned just how strongly he values diversity, collaboration, and democracy as a vehicle for meaningful change— especially at the local level. For Conan, these are more than buzzwords or lofty ideals. They're guiding principles and he refers back to them constantly as he works for change.


Conan leads with vision, always striving for bold solutions, but he executes strategically, armed with a deep knowledge of history and savvy understanding of how change actually happens. This expert balance of inspiration and action is reflected by the many people who have worked for or learned from him and gone on to become leaders in their own communities.


In addition, Conan is committed to racial and social equity, and possesses an uncommon resolve to do what is right rather than what is easy. With Conan at the table on behalf of residents' interests, I'm happier and more confident in my choice to call Washtenaw County home. 

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